5 of the Best Korean BBQ Restaurants in Orlando

Looking for a Korean BBQ Restaurant in Orlando?  There are lots of great Korean restaurants in Orlando and it’s so difficult to choose which one to visit!

We have put a list of restaurants together for you to start your search.

Have a look at our list of fantastic Korean BBQ Restaurants in Orlando.

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Shin Jung Korean Restaurant Orlando

1638 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32803

Shin Jung Korean Restaurant Orlando is well known for its generous platter of authentic Korean food.

“We are an one of original Korean restaurants serving in Central Florida since 1993.
We serve traditional Korean food ranging from Vegetarian dish to full fledged Korean barbecue.
Our mission is to faithfully uphold the Korean tradition with taste.”

~Kimchistew – Kim chi and firm tofu with beef broth soup in a hot stonepot. Choice of Pork or Tuna~

~Sagol Uguji – Cabbage and beef broth soup~

~ CrabRangoon Hand-wrapped crispy wonton, imitation crab meat, cream cheese  with sweet chili sauce~

~Japchae – Stir fried clear potato noodle with marinated beef Bulgogi, scallion, onion, carrot, and mushroom~

~ Tteokbokki – Long rice cake and stir-fried beef in spicy pepper paste sauce~


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Oshio Korean BBQ Restaurant

6800 Visitors Cir, Orlando, FL 32819

Oshio Korean BBQ brings you some gorgeous authentic Korean food.

“Oshio serves traditional authentic Korean Cuisine and Korean BBQ made with the highest quality ingredients. (We serve all natural and hormone/steroid-free beef.). We serve traditional authentic Korean cuisine and Korean BBQ (Yakiniku) made with the highest quality ingredients. Come and enjoy a unique dining experience at our built-in table Korean BBQ grills or we can prepare it for you from the kitchen. Our Bulgogi is a thinly sliced marinated meat which you will find to be delicious.”

Some of the delicious food available on the menu include.

~ Lobster Tail Hotpot~

~Berkshire Pork Belly~

~Shrimp Tempura~

~Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup~

~Green Mussel Soup~


korean bbq orlando restaurant

Kang’s Kitchen Korean BBQ

800 John Young Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32808

Kang’s Kitchen Korean BBQ is a popular restaurant in Orlando.

“Kang’s Kitchen Korean BBQ is the most authentic and premium K-BBQ brand in the United States. For more than seven years, Kang’s Kitchen has been introducing real charcoal Korean BBQ flavor in Georgia. Not only was unique BBQ cuisine introduced, Kang’s Kitchen also have brought a passionate and energetic atmosphere to the Korean BBQ market.”

~ Soy Bean Paste Stew~

~Stir Fry Seafood Udon~

~ Kimchee Pancake~

~Spicy Chicken Bulgogi~

~Beef Short Ribs~


korean bbq restaurant orlando

Bee Won Korean

 5100 Dr Phillips Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819

Authentic Home-Cooking Korean Food. We are proud to serve authentic Korean food as served in Korea, and not tailored to foreign taste buds. As Korean culture is spreading with the rise of K-Pop, we believe that America is now ready for the uniqueness of traditional Korean cuisine, a healthy and tasty alternative to others. 

~JapChae – Stir-fried glass noodles with sautéed vegetables~

~ChaDol JeonGol – Non-spicy beef broth containing beef brisket, tofu, and vegetables~

~Deung KalBi Kimchi JeonGol – Spicy broth containing pork ribs, kimchi, and vegetables ~

~GoDeungEo Gui – Mackerel fillet grilled and salted, topped with scallions and lemon on the side, includes miso soup~

~GalBi Tang – Beef short rib soup containing short rib slices and glass noodles~


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Star Korean BBQ

1400 W Oak Ridge Rd, Orlando, FL 32809

A classic restaurant in a modern environment.

“Our establishment is known for its modern interpretation of classical Korean dishes, all the while preserving what’s most important; that is, we’ve been able to hold onto the authenticity and cultural influences of what Korean food is all about. Our roots are in traditional Korean cooking. That’s what keeps us motivated to continue serving our patrons, in the Greater Orlando area, the best quality and best tasting Korean food for many more years to come. At Star Korean B.B.Q & Restaurant, we take pride in knowing that we have become the reliable destination for good Korean meals. And when we say “good”, we mean truly delicious and worthwhile. That’s a bold statement, but we stand by it. And to top it all off, we’ve always made it a priority to provide the most exceptional service.”

~Kkotsahl – American wagyu-style premium beef~

~Buhljip Samgyupsahl – Thick-sliced pork belly~

~Ohsam Bulgogi – Marinated squid & pork belly in a spicy sauce~

~Emunsuh Gueh – Grilled atka mackerel~

~Saengtae Jungol – Flaky pollack and an assortment of mixed vegetables and tofu, boiled in an umami-broth stew~


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